Our Beers

Löwenbräu Original (Lager)
5.2% ALC – A crisp, complex and refreshing taste, the Löwenbräu is a classic beer with a heritage dating back to 1383. The Löwenbräu Original is a sweeter style of lager with a lingering aftertaste to be savoured.

Bitburger Premium Pils (Pilsner)
4.8% ALC – Note first the bright, fresh golden colour and rich frothy head so typical of this elegant Pilsner beer. Its refined herbal notes are delicately poised, followed by a nutty and honeyed aftertaste.

Maximilian Lager (Lager)
4.8% ALC – Premium, light coloured Lager with a fresh and aromatic hop flavour. This great Beer is named in honour of King Maximilian II of Bavaria.

Steinbock Lager (Lager)
5.3 % ALC – This Premium Lager comes with a light body and medium bitterness, hop flavour and aroma. This lager is really smooth and easy to drink.

Paulaner Premium Pils (Pilsner)
4.9 % ALC – Paulaner Premium Pils is brewed in strict accordance with the traditional Pilsen brewing method using hops from Hallertau. Its light colour and stiff foam distinguish it from other beers. It comes with a fine dry and bitter flavour.

Original Hofbräuhaus (Lager)
5.1% ALC – More than any other, Hofbräu Original embodies the special atmosphere of the beer-making capital of Munich, and exports it to the four corners of the globe. It’s refreshing, bitter flavour made it famous worldwide. A Munich beer with character.

Original Spaten Premium Lager (Lager)
5.2% ALC – In 1894 Spaten became the first brewery in Munich to produce this brand of light lager. Golden in colour with a well-balanced hop-flavour. The full rounded body is a superb balance between hops and a malty sweetness.

FNQ Lager (Lager)
4.4% ALC – A golden coloured lager that is filtered to produced a bright Australian Style Premium lager. Floral aromas emanate from the Hallertau Hops. A dry malty finish is complemented by the finest Pale, Munich, and Roasted Malts.

Altenmünster Brauer Bier Urig Würzig (Lager)
4.9  % ALC – A classic German beer from a Brewery established in Kempten. When poured, it gives a nice golden body with thicker, long living head. Flowery malts in aroma; clean, crisp and malty with honey and notes of corn. Sealed under a ceramic swing top.

Henninger Original German Lager Beer (Lager)
4.8 % ALC – “Henninger has been brewed in Germany under the same traditional German brewing technique since 1869.  Only the finest ingredients have been used by our master brewer to ensure this bier is of the highest possible quality.”

Cairns Gold (Mid strength Lager)
3.3% ALC – Cairns Gold use pure malt and a good dose of Premium bittering hops. Blue sky Brewery utilises pristine waters and the finest quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

Radeberger Pilsner
4.8 % ALC – Radeberger Pilsner ranks amongst the top ten beers in Germany. With its pale golden colour, creamy foam and predominant hops taste and subtly distinct notes ofhops bitterness it’s the perfect refreshment on hot summer days.

Weihenstephan Pilsner (Pilsner)
5.1 % ALC –This traditional Pilsner style Beer from the World’s oldest Brewery comes with a smooth, bitter, hoppy flavour and flowery aroma. Refreshingly crisp finish.

Blue Sky Pilsner (Pilsner)
4.5 % ALC – A traditional Czech-style beer made with imported Pilsner yeast and Premium Saaz hops.
This filtered Pilsner retains malt, hops and yeast residue giving a full flavoured experience with floral aromas

Apfelwein (Cider):

Wicked Apple Cider
4.4 % ALC – A vibrant, lightly carbonated cider that is as refreshing as it is tasty. It’s wicked!

Weizenbiere (wheat beers):

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Hell (Unfiltered light coloured wheat beer)
5.0 % ALC – Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Hell is noted for its agreeable level of carbonation and its natural cloudiness. It is brewed from wheat malt, barley malt, hops, top-fermenting yeast and water according to a time-honoured Bavarian recipe.

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel (Unfiltered dark wheat beer)
5.0 % ALC – Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel impresses with its refreshing yet aromatic character. With a malty, sweet palate up front, the finish is fine and persistent.

Schneider Weisse TAP3 Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic Wheat Beer)
Powerful and refreshing without alcohol. Reddish-brown non-alcoholic wheat beer. A sweet fragrance is paired with thoughts of ripe corn fields, sparkling and malty-aromatic. A great thirst-quenching wheat beer specialty. Non-alcoholic wheat beer

Schneider Weisse TAP2 Mein Kristall (filtered wheat Beer)
5.3% ALC – Crystal clear filtered wheat beer, refreshing for body and soul with a delightful tingle, brewed in Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery. The perfect wheat beer for warm and sunny days

Schneider Weisse TAP4 Mein Grünes (Unfiltered light coloured wheat beer)
6.2 % ALC -A well-balanced, yet complex, summer wheat beer from Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery brewed with organic ingredients. Carefully selected pure ingredients, skilled fermentation in open vessels, as well as fermentation and maturation in the bottle guarantee the distinctive taste of this natural wheat beer.

Schneider Weisse TAP5 Meine Hopfenweisse
8.2 % ALC - Shiny golden, slightly reddish strong wheat doppelbock. An intense floral aroma that reminds of tropical fruit and pineapple. A powerful bitterness is relieved by fruity sweetness. This extreme wheat beer shows how far wheat beer taste can go.

Schneider Weisse TAP6 Unser Aventinus
8.2 % ALC – A dark wheat beer with a rich and complex delight from Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery. Deep and complex – for big and relaxing moments by the fire.

Schneider Weisse TAP7 Unser Original (Unfiltered dark wheat beer)
5.4 % ALC – The world-famous Original wheat beer (unfiltered) from Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery. The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer –great with hearty food.

Schneider Weisse – Aventinus Eisbock (Unfiltered dark wheat beer)
12.0 % ALC –Mahogany, nearly black Eisbock – Stronger than strong. Powerful aromas and an intense flavour.

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (Unfiltered dark wheat beer)
5.3  % ALC – Erdinger Weissbier ‘dark’ is a rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from Erdinger Weissbräu. It owes its full-bodied flavour to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production. The dark beer specialty is brewed according to an age-old recipe.

Erdinger Kristall (filtered wheat Beer)
5.3  % ALC – Erdinger Weissbier crystal is particularly welcome as a tasty thirst-quencher for hot summer days. This specialty wheat beer gets its crystal appearance from a particularly long filtration process, known in the industry as “fine filtration”, whereby the beer becomes completely clear.

Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier Hell (Unfiltered light coloured wheat beer)
5.4  % ALC – Weihenstephan Hefe Weißbier is brewed to a classic German recipe, this is a refreshing, naturally cloudy ‘Weissbier’ with a wonderfully rich yeasty taste. Brewed by the ‘Oldest Brewery in the World’, Weihenstephan Hefe is still the benchmark for all quality cloudy wheat beers.

Schneider Weisse TAPX (Unfiltered light coloured wheat beer)
7.3 % ALC – Strictly limited to one batch only. A rich golden and cloudy bottle fermented wheat beer. The aroma reminds you of blossoms, freshly mowed grass, even grapes, gooseberry and kiwi. These intensely fruity aromas are balanced by a malty nose. You feel a thrilling contrast of exotic flowery notes and malty spicy impressions finished by a fine bitterness surrounded by slightly sour fruitiness.